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Jewellery Care 

DIVA AF sells stylish jewellery and accessories, created to add the final style touch to your outfit. 

About Luxe Jewellery

Our Luxe Jewellery is considered waterproof and tarnish resistant. We use PVD plating which is a physical vapor deposition process and protect your Jewellery, this process includes plating with at least 1 micron of 18K Gold for long wearing shine giving you affordable luxe.

If you wear your jewellery every single day and in the shower, then you will find the colour will not fade for at least six months, however we recommend removing your jewellery when you shower and sleep to ensure they last longer as they can last up to one year or more with care.

Fashion Earrings

Our fashion earrings are created to give you stylish and bolder pieces. Some of the styles in this range are tarnish resistant as they are PVD plated and stainless steel, however no real 18k gold is used in plating this product to give customers quality at a lower price point. We advise you read the product description for each product for more information.

To maintain your DIVA accessories and keep them tarnish free follow the below care tips. 

 Take jewellery off before going in the pool or spa
 Wear your jewellery after you have applied your perfume and lotion
 Store jewellery in the dust bags/jewellery boxes provided
 Take jewellery off before going to bed
 Avoid wearing jewellery or storing jewellery in extreme temperatures
 Don't shower while wearing your jewellery 

    Please note DIVA AF cannot guarantee the gold plating of our items will not lose their colour. There are many factors which can cause your jewellery to fade such as, use of chemical products on skin, PH balance of the individuals skin and the conditions you keep your jewellery in. 

    About Metals Used

    Stainless Steel is hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant. Plating on this metal lasts longer taking time for the plating to fade. Can be worn in water, however recommend for longer wear to remove. 

    Brass is durable and long wearing, as it has yellowish tones it will not be obvious when fading. Not ideal for new piercings. 

    We also use alloy for our some of our fashion styles, these earrings are created for fashion purposes and not designed for everyday wear.



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